Yen Bath / Ice Bath

The first Ice Bath designed for Thailand!

Why Yen Bath?

The Yen Bath is a first in Thailand – a specially made ice bath. Our design professionals and ice bath trainers built it to perform perfectly in Thailand’s heat. It’s cool and tough, even under the hot sun.


Our Yen Bath has a robust, inflatable structure that’s ideal for both mobile or fixed use. You won’t need any tools and you can get it ready in just 10 minutes! It’s so compact when deflated, you can easily fit it into a backpack. Plus, it’s made with the same top-quality tech used in inflatable paddle boards.


The use of military-grade inflatable technology in our Yen Bath not only lends it superior durability but also significantly enhances its insulation properties, ensuring that the cold temperature is effectively retained for your optimum ice bath experience.


Used By Professionals

The Yen Bath is highly used by professional athletes, who trust its quality and effectiveness for delivering top-notch cold immersion experiences in their training and recovery routines.


What Makes The Yen Bath Special

The Yen Bath stands out for its unique blend of portability, durability, and stylish design, making it not only a great tool for recovery and relaxation but also a chic addition to any space.

The sheer portability of the Yen Bath sets it apart from the rest. It’s built with military-grade inflatable material, ensuring an impressively sturdy yet feather-light structure when inflated. The robustness, coupled with its surprising lightness, truly distinguishes the Yen Bath. Moreover, it can comfortably accommodate hundreds of kilograms of ice and water, ensuring a true cold exposure experience.

The distinct design, form, and hues of the Yen Bath make it an irresistible enhancement to any setting. With its pleasing aesthetic and colour scheme designed to harmonise with any location, the Yen Bath adds a splash of style wherever it’s set up.

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