Yen Bath


Meet the Yen Bath, your portable ice bath. Crafted from military-grade material, this inflatable bath is lightweight yet sturdy, designed to accommodate varying body sizes comfortably. Its material technology ensures optimal insulation, keeping your ice bath cooler for longer. The Yen Bath is as attractive as practical, with an appealing design with an inviting palette of grey and blue, the Yen Bath is a tasteful addition to any setting, with a unique hard protective lid equipped with a child-safety passcode. Dive into rejuvenation with the compact, comfortable, and beautiful ice bath.

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Yen Bath ฿39,650

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What’s Included:

  • Backpack
    Easily pack up, transport and carry your Yen Bath
  • Dual Action Hand Pump
    Inflate your Yen Bath in under 10 minutes
  • Inflatable Insulated Lid
    Helps to keep out debris, water stays colder for longer plus has child-safe locking buckles
  • Repair Kit
    Quickly repair the Yen Bath walls in case of damage
  • Safety Protocols
    A guide to how to use the Yen Bath safely and efficiently


Lightweight & Tough

The robustness, coupled with its surprising lightness, truly distinguishes the Yen Bath. Moreover, it can comfortably accommodate hundreds of kilograms of ice and water.

Yen Bath Inflatable Lid


Inflatable Insulated Lid

Crafted with the same durable and insulating material, our matching lid perfectly complements the Yen Bath’s design


Compact Yet Spacious

Skillfully designed for ergonomic comfort, the Yen Bath accommodates most body sizes while maintaining its compact footprint.

Yen Bath Size


Passcode Lock

Our inflatable cover has a locking buckle with a child-safety passcode for added protection and peace of mind.

Comfort in the Ice

Crafted with the ideal dimensions, the Yen Bath allows for ample ice to achieve your desired temperature, all while maintaining comfort and minimising overflow. This thoughtful design makes it easy to set up the bath anywhere.

Yen Bath Comfort

Additional information

Weight17.5 kg

Length: 125cm
Width: 70cm
Depth: 65cm


Outer: White/Grey
Outer Base: Black
Inner: Blue